Movies and Television Reviews

Extraordinary Measures

Redboxed this movie when I was bored on a Tuesday night.  Coming in I knew it was going to be a movie that would pull at your heart, and it definitely is.  The movie stars Harrison Ford and Brendan Fraser.

It is based on a true story and centers around the battle to cure a fatal disease known as “Pompe” that is a form of MD.  You will definitely want a box of tissues by your side, as the story unwinds and Ford’s and Fraser’s character work together and and against each other and in a race against the clock.

Fraser’s character has two kids that have the disease and he leaves a big time job to go to work full time to try create a cure that can be sold on the open market and passed through FDA approval.

I will leave the ending to you and I don’t want to reveal any spoilers.  I feel like this is one of Fraser’s better movies, I usually find him annoying and rather bland, but I felt for his character and the rollercoaster that he went through as a father and two kids infected with a fatal disease.


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