Three days in NYC with Jimmy Fallon and The Daily Show

So last week, I traveled to New York City for the first time in a while. I really like NYC for all it it has to offer and on this trip I got to catch up with two cousins, Michael and Josh (and his wife Nicole) and and old friend from college, Gurran.

But I got to attend a taping of Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday, Dec. 12 (I already had already acquired tickets for this), and then attend the final taping of The Daily Show of the year: Thursday, Dec. 13 (which I picked up the day of).

I went to Jimmy Fallon with my cousin Brad and we managed to get on TV, shown in these screenshots:


I'm on the right with my hands in the air. My cousin is to the left of me

I’m on the right with my hands in the air. My cousin is to the right of me

The next day I managed to get one ticket for The Daily Show. That was awesome. Kristen Stewart (ugh!) was the guest and it was one of the correspondent’s last shows, Wyatt Cynac. That was sad, but the show was fun.

The highlight of the entire trip for me was taking the Fung-Wa bus from Boston to NYC ($15 each way with free Wi-Fi) and not getting hurt.

Here is a picture of the outside of The Daily Show studio:


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Going to see these guys on Monday!!!

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Giving Thanks

On Black Friday, while hundreds of thousands of people are out fulfilling their material needs for stuff that they don’t really need, I think it’s important to list what we are thankful for at this time of year.

With the many thousands of victims in New York and New Jersey from Hurricane Sandy’s damage, I think it’s particular important to remember what we take for granted.

I will start a list, and I encourage you to repost this blog and add to my list or create your own list:

I am thankful for:

A Great Job (The Baysider)

Great Health (Just finished a Spartan Race and Turkey Trot 5k in the same week)

Living in New England and having support from so many friends and family in the area (The whole Vomacka clan, The extended Croes family and my college friends that have continued to be great friends post college years (Mike W., Jason P., Brian D., Jim S., Gurran K. and Nate D.)

My sister

The support of my parents throughout the years that has never wavered.

Croes Family in Virginia


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My New Warm-Up Song

This song just gets the blood pumping:

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3 hours until game time

As I sit in the Northeastern Library, typing away on a laptop, I can’t help but look back at how many hours I did, or didn’t and probably should have spent studying while in college, but I think it all worked out for the best. 

Back to the reason for this entry. I am taking batting practice at Fenway Park at noon, which less than three hours away, and I can hardly contain my excitement. I am trying to visualize what kind of contact I will make with the bat and the ball and I really have no clue.

HItting off a machine can be very difficult. I am hoping to go opposite field with one shot and then hit some ropes down the right field with the other.

Only time, will tell. I am hoping to get video of the entire experience on my iPhone, as I am sure to make friends in line.

I figure noon on a Friday should be a prime time slot.



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Running (Walking) The Bases at Fenway Park

So I got the chance to take part in running the bases at Fenway Park during the last home game of the season on Wednesday night. It was an experience I will never forget, but an experience that was actually not as good as it could have been because of the paranoid staff at Fenway Park. They told everyone they needed to run, but of course everyone just walked and took pictures.

Before the game my cousin and I enjoyed a couple beverages at The Baseball Tavern:


My cousin Alan is only 21 and this was his first experience at Fenway Park after turning 21:


Before the game, there was an amazing ceremony where the All Fenway Top 100 team was announced.

The biggest surprise for me was the return of Roger Clemens. Seeing Pedro Martinez, Time Walkefield, Nomar Garciaparra and Jason Varitek. But seeing the older players and their emotion when they talked about Johnny Pesky made me and the rest of Fenway Park cry.

The game wasn’t that great, but then in the bottom of the eighth they announced on the board that anyone still in the park would be able to run the bases. We all gathered in the concourse and came out of the same door that the players came out during the All- Fenway Team.

Once I got on the field I took a handful of dirt and rubbed it into my hands, and then I rubbed it into my shirt.

We made our way down the warning track and down the line:


And then we came upon Pesky’s Pole:

Then we got to the bases, I let my cousin go first and told him to take a picture of me at home plate. He got a decent picture of me walking down the line, and I was going to try and slide at home plate, but then I decided to stomp on home plate.

Unfortunately, a rather large woman was standing right next to the plate blocking it, but it was still a great experience. I didn’t bother posting the pic, as it was out of focus as well. On the way out I was able to snag a 100-year anniversary  cup.

I was able to tag a seat at Fenway Park in section 42, so the trip wasn’t a total losss . . .

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Panorama of Alton Bay

Panorama of Alton Bay

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