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So my trip to St. Louis has been amazing. Above is a picture I took while walking from the hotel on 14th street prior to work on my first day of work.

The robotics competition has been amazing, and it’s great to see the competition and the students thriving so much.

On Friday night I was able to get tickets to the Cardinal’s game and was able to snag tickets off of StubHub around 5 p.m., with a 7:15 first pitch. The tickets had a face value of $115, but I only paid $35. Not a bad deal.

Below is the panorama that I took with my iPhone.

The view from Box 135 in Busch Stadium

The view from Box 135 in Busch Stadium

On Friday afternoon the robotics team was able to venture into the city for a few hours and check out the arch. At a height of nearly 700 feet it really is one of the coolest manmade structures I have ever seen.






Here is a selfie with the arch in the background. I don’t like selfies, but I felt this was the right time to do it. It was beautiful spring day and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky.





So I’m headed to the final day of the U.S. FIRST robotics competition and this really has been the best experience of my professional career as a reporter. Many thanks to my boss for making this trip happen.

Here is my credential. It’s pretty awesome, and I really hope that the team from Prospect Mountain High School get’s a shot to show their stuff in the quarterfinals, and if not, it’s still an experience that they will never forget.




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Now 32, Tim worked as a sports editor for a weekly paper down in Virginia, hated it down there, moved back to the Granite State (New Hampshire) back in November 2009 and absolutely loves life up here in the great outdoors. Since October of 2010, Tim has been the Staff Reporter at The Baysider. Please also check out for his opinions on all things Red Sox.
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