What a year – 2012

For my job at the paper, I have been doing these “year in review” articles because there isn’t a whole lot going on on the local beat, and I thought maybe I would write the same kind of thing for my Blog, so here it goes.

There were some high-lights, there were low-lights, but overall 2012 was one hell of a year.

It was an awful second half of the winter at Gunstock, as last year the biggest storm of the year came in before Winter actually started at the end of October, 2011.  I think I have already worked almost as many hours teaching groups lessons and private lessons in the couple weeks of this season so far, which is great.

In late February, I made the decision to attend Bonnaroo, a music festival down in Manchester, Tennessee in June. I was supposed to go with a couple other friends, but they ended up bailing on attending and I ended up driving myself down the 1,200 miles to Tennessee.

This kind of sucked, as I had to drive the entire time, but in the long run, having taking in a concert like Bonnaroo by myself allowed me to attend only comics, movies and concerts that I wanted to attend.

I broke up the drive was a visit to my parents in Virginia on the way down and a visit to my sister in Nashville, and then on the way back, I stayed at my parents house again in Virginia.

Highlights from the festival included, but weren’t limited to seeing the following bands: Flogging Molly, The Avett Brothers, Two Door Cinema Club, Foster The People, The Roots, Quest Love and special guests, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Dispatch, Radiohead, Skillerex, Feist, The Punch Brothers and Fitz & The Tantrums.

I had to leave early on Sunday to make it back to work on time, plus it was raining on Sunday. I missed seeing: The Beach Boys, Fun., The Shins, Ben Folds Five, Phish and The Civil Wars. But oh well.

In addition to all the music at the festival, I also got to see the following comics: Asiz Ansari, Steven Wright, Marc Maron, Judah Friedlander and Amy Schumer.

And then I saw a bunch of movies, including: Doug Benson and Benson Interruption of Rambo and Crank 2: High Voltage, Chasing Ice, Hit and Run (advanced screening) and American Splendor (including Q&A with Judah Friendlander)

On my way out of Tennessee I went to fuel up with gas, and ended up selling my wristband to some guy for $75, which was pretty nice.

The hardest thing about attending something like Bonnaroo is that you can’t attend every act, movie or comedy act that you want to see because it is so huge. I mean there were 80,000 people in attendance. You have to to pay to shower each day, and you are packed into campsites like sardines. I would do it again in a couple of years by flying down with a group of people and renting an RV.

I spent the Spring building up to Bonnaroo coaching JV baseball and writing for the paper and it was a good spring.

My summer was very busy, as I was working at the Wise Owl for second half of the summer, working at Meadowbrook, parking cars, the entire summer and writing for the paper.

It was my last year working at Meadowbrook. That job is a lot of fun, but they have continued to book concerts which I am no longer interested in seeing. I like some country, but not that much. The same bands come through every year, with the exception of a couple of shows. And at this point, I won’t mind purchasing tickets to sit on the lawn and actually get to tailgate with some friends. It was fun while it lasted and I enjoyed being able to work there when I was 18 and then when I was in my 30’s.

The same thing happened this year with the movie theatre in Gilford. I got a chance to do projection for about nine months before the local theatre got rid of all of their projectors.

I didn’t attend a Red Sox game until the very end of the season, and that really sucked because they sucked. The game I attended Bobby Valentine was handing out the magnetic schedules for the 2012-2013 season, which was hilarious.


Bobby Valentine’s Last Game

In September, I joined the world of smartphones for good. I triend it once about a year ago, but didn’t see enough value in it when purchasing the iPhone 4, and I sold it to a friend.

I purchased an iPhone 4S after they announced the iPhone 5, and got it at a discounted price and got cheaper accessories. I don’t agree with the size of the charger plug, and I think this is a change that Steve Jobs never would have approved. It pretty much goes against the ideas that Apple was built on, where you can have one plug for every device.

I got to take batting practice at Fenway Park in October, and even got to write a column in the paper about it, which was pretty cool.

I didn’t end up coaching at Brewster in the fall for the second straight year, and that allowed me to attend bunch of concerts down in Boston, which I wouldn’t normally get to see.

The Gaslight Anthem

The Gaslight Anthem

I got to see Franker Turner, The Wombats, The Gas Light Anthem, The Silver Sun Pickups and Of Monsters and Men.


Sound Check Party at The Orpheum

I got to meet each of the bands listed above except for The Silver Sun Pickups, which was pretty awesome. I won tickets to a meet and greet Soundcheck party to see Of Monsters and Men and that was probably one of the coolest musical experiences I have ever had. I was one of about 20 people that got to see their sound check at an empty Orpheum Theatre.


Of Monsters and Men

I can’t speak about 2012 without talking about the races I took part in. I usually run a couple of 5k races, but this year I kicked it up a notch. In addition to a 5k in Alton in August, a 5k race and 12-mile bike race in Gilford in September and Turkey Trot down in Virginia, I ran a pair of adventure races, and I had the time of my life.


Warrior Dash at Gunstock

I competed at The Warrior Dash in Gilford at Gunstock (above) at the end of the summer and finished under an hour, and then I made the decision to compete at The Spartan Race inside Fenway Park in late November. (below)

photo taken at 17:06:56 by www.nuvisionactionimage.com

Spartan Race at Fenway Park

This was a grueling race that tested mental and physical toughness to the max, but I finished in just over 1 hour and 23 minutes, and I am officially addicted.

photo taken at 17:59:56 by www.nuvisionactionimage.com

I can finally see the finish line!

I already signed up for next year’s race in November and I can’t wait. I may or may not do a couple additional Spartan Races this summer and fall. But I have a family reunion coming up on my mom’s side of the family and then a big family wedding in June in New ire, so we will see.

2012 was also the year where I finally made my knowledge of social media pay off. I got hired to blog for a start-up company down in Boston called www.fundraise.com and I couldn’t be happier.

Feel free to follow them on Twitter or Like them on Facebook

The blog that I maintain is located at blog.fundraise.com

Finally, I couldn’t talk about 2012 without talking about the support that has been given to me by my parents and extended family throughout the  year. I will end 2012 with probably the best family picture I have been a part of in a while. It was taken down in Virginia in November on Thanksgiving.

Croes Family in Virginia

It’s a Croes Family Thanksgiving


About timcroes

Now 32, Tim worked as a sports editor for a weekly paper down in Virginia, hated it down there, moved back to the Granite State (New Hampshire) back in November 2009 and absolutely loves life up here in the great outdoors. Since October of 2010, Tim has been the Staff Reporter at The Baysider. Please also check out www.yankeehate.com for his opinions on all things Red Sox.
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  1. aguruge says:

    Great pictures. Next time you are around for a meal tell me to tell you about fire walking in Ceylon. 100 yards (or more) across burning embers that have been cooked for 3 days. Cheers.

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