Just got an email from the Bonnaroo staff and Fun. just got added to the line-up for the 2012 festival down in Manchester, Tennessee and I couldn’t be more excited. They have recently come into the limelight for their use of their song for a recent Chevrolet commercial.

Check out the actual video for the song here:

That is all, short and sweet from TLC


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Now 32, Tim worked as a sports editor for a weekly paper down in Virginia, hated it down there, moved back to the Granite State (New Hampshire) back in November 2009 and absolutely loves life up here in the great outdoors. Since October of 2010, Tim has been the Staff Reporter at The Baysider. Please also check out for his opinions on all things Red Sox.
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2 Responses to Fun.

  1. ya know that’s the lead singer from the band “The Format” ? 🙂 so glad he’s back.. LOVE his voice!

  2. timcroes says:

    I did know that, I don’t if you know I wrote a review for the Format back in 2006 for Beautiful Decay Magazine. This is what I wrote:

    The Format – Interventions + Lullabies.

    The Format, ( who hale from Peoria, Arizona have recently released their latest studio album, Interventions + Lullabies. The Format has a very simplistic sound and the album carries itself with constant strumming of the guitar and beating of the drums. “The First Single” and “Give It Up” are two songs that belong on your I-pod and should be put into heavy rotation.

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